Tire Blowout Lawsuit

Tire Blowout Lawsuit

Tire blowout lawsuits recover money for victims of defective tires. Each day, Americans fall prey to one of the most dangerous of traffic accidents: a tire blowout, which can send a car out of control and into a crash. Often tires fail or blow out due to design or manufacturing flaws, and in such cases, a tire blowout lawsuit may be needed.

Our law firm can provide such a lawsuit for you. Notify the Willis Law Firm today if someone in your family was hurt because of a tire blowout, and we’ll quickly give you a free legal review of your case. You could be entitled to significant economic recovery for your tire blowout injury losses.

What Is a Tire Blowout?

As for what is a tire blowout, this refers to a sudden loss of air pressure in a tire for an auto, basically in the form of an explosion. A blowout can be caused by many different factors, including objects on the road which suddenly puncture or tear a tire, leading to a sudden loss of inflation. Often when pressurized air vents from a tire, that process expands the puncture or tear even further.

Another reason for a tire blowout is tread separation due to faulty manufacture of a tire, or due to a tire’s materials being too old for constant travel. Some tire retailers hide or obscure the age of an unsold tire to sell it, and such tires on the road may debead, detread or delaminate suddenly in the form of a blowout. In effect, since they were too old when they were sold, they are the proverbial accident waiting to happen.

A blowout for a vehicle traveling at high speed can be extremely hazardous. By suddenly losing air pressure in just one of the four tires on which the vehicle is dependent, the vehicle can be difficult if not impossible for the driver to control. Thus, blowouts often are what initiates auto accidents.

Tire Blowout Statistics

Did you know that over 8,000 car wrecks causing serious injury or even death happen every year in America because of tire failures? That information is from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Tire Blowout Causes

Tire blowouts can occur for many different reasons. One cause of a blowout is tread separation, which also is sometimes called tire delamination. When this occurs, the tread of a tire separates or splits, often causing a blowout.

Blowouts then can lead to serious crashes, since they often make drivers lose control of their vehicle. In many cases, a blowout is followed by a deadly rollover wreck, and rollovers often involve roof-crush injuries of a debilitating or fatal nature.

Tire explosions also occur, often due to sidewall failures, bead failures, or multi-piece rim failures. Or a tire might have been filled with sealant to secure it after a leak, and the sealant had flammable propane or butane which could be ignited by a spark.

Tire explosions sometimes happen when a person is attempting to repair or change a flat tire. Serious injuries often happen in a tire explosion.

Tire Blowout Injuries

Tire blowout injuries can take many forms, especially when the vehicle then experiences a rollover. Injuries may include severe damage to the skull, brainspinal cord, and other parts of the body, sometimes leaving victims paralyzed or suffering from brain damage. These injuries can be lifelong and debilitating.

In a tire explosion with a person nearby, victims can suffer decapitation or, even if they survive, they can be blinded or maimed.

These and other tire defect injuries can be targeted in a defective tire lawsuit.

Defective Tire Recalls

Defective tire recalls happen regularly in the United States. In recent years, tire manufacturers which were compelled to issue tire recalls have included FirestoneBridgestoneGoodyearContinentalYokohama, Kelly Springfield, General, and Cooper.

A tire recall which garnered much national news involved defective Firestone tires on Ford Explorer vehicles. The Willis Law Firm and Attorney David Willis played major roles in precipitating a massive Ford Explorer Firestone tire recall. This is the law firm you are reaching out to today.

In the recall, Firestone and Bridgestone recalled millions of tires when it was learned they could have a tread separation which then would cause a rollover accident. America is a safer place thanks to the Willis Law Firm.

Tire Blowout Lawsuit

If your family has suffered due to a defective tire, you, too, could benefit from a tire blowout lawsuit. Let the Willis Law Firm apply its experience and knowledge in handling these cases to your special case.

A tire that is properly designed, manufactured, installed, aligned, and maintained should be able to provide tire safety for 60,000 to 80,000 miles of driving. But this often isn’t the case due to negligence by the manufacturer or seller of the tire. And negligence makes them face legal liability in a tire blowout injury case.

Your tire blowout lawsuit may need to target the manufacturer or seller of a defective tire which caused you injury. In that case, you can claim payments for your medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering from that seller or manufacturer.

Contact our law firm today for your free case review. Then let’s get started claiming the payments you legally deserve for your tire blowout accident.

Tire Blowout Lawyer

A tire blowout accident lawyer can conduct an investigation and assist in determining who was at fault for the collision. We have helped many critically wounded clients nationwide recover money for amputations, asphyxiations, burn injuriesspinal cord injurybrain damagedeath, and other catastrophic disabilities caused by tire blowouts. David P. Willis is board certified as a personal injury trial law specialist. We’ve put in a lot of effort to get the best results for our clients, and we’ll do the same for you and your loved ones. Call us at 713-654-4040 or 1-800-883-9858 to tell us your story about the defective tire.

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