Door Latch Failure Lawyer

Door Latch Failure Lawyer

Need a Door Latch Failure Lawyer? Among the worst auto defects is a door latch failure. This can cause a car door to swing open in a crash, exposing occupants to injury or expelling them from the vehicle. Families of victims have a legal right to seek payments for injury or death losses by means of a door latch failure lawsuit provided by our personal injury firm.

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Remote Rods

Remote rods are links between the door latch of a vehicle and the handle of the door. During a collision, a remote rod can twist, break or bend, which can cause the door to spring open at the worst moment. Ineffective door structure can contribute to such a door opening when a remote rod bends, breaks or twists upon impact.

In addition, dangers can come from tension-type rods. Those exist mostly in older cars and are being supplanted over time, usually with a more safe and modern element known as compression-type linkages.

In short, the effective design of a door latch is crucial. If a vehicle’s maker doesn’t provide this, the manufacturer could face liability for losses after door latch failure in a crash.

Door Latch Failure Injuries

Occupants of a vehicle rely on the security of a door remaining shut upon impact in a collision. When that doesn’t happen, occupants can be ejected from the vehicle, which is enormously dangerous, especially in a side-impact, T-bone or broadside collision, as well as a rollover accident, when the vehicle could roll on top of the ejected occupant.

Persons who are hurled outside of a car or pickup truck also can hit the pavement, a curb, another vehicle, a tree or other objects near or on a roadway. This impact after the car crash can be the most dangerous. In fact, if a door latch failure hadn’t occurred and the occupant remained inside the vehicle, they might have survived.

Instead, if a door latch fails and a driver or passenger is ejected, that person can suffer lifelong, debilitating injuries which are hugely expensive, given medical treatments, years of therapy and rehabilitation and loss of many years of earning power when an injured person can’t return to a job.

Door latch failures can cause amputation of hands, arms, feet or legs, as well as full or partial paralysis, which can be temporary or permanent. Such accident injuries also can include traumatic brain injury, or TBI, as well as broken bones, bruises, lacerations, and contact burns.

door latch failure

Door Latch Failure Liability

Door latch failure liability often can be pinned on a manufacturer which failed to design and make a safe vehicle. Such liability can be asserted in a door latch failure lawsuit on victims’ behalf.

In such a lawsuit, experts in manufacturing and designing vehicles may testify about specific door latch defects which led to horrible accident injuries. In the event that a vehicle had a door latch recall by the manufacturer, that recall can be considered an admission by the manufacturer that the door latch was defective.

Door Latch Failure Recalls

Some vehicles are known for being in crashes where door latch failure was a major element. Around 4 million Ford autos are tied to door latch defects.

More than 200,000 Ford Taurus sedans were recalled in early 2015 door mechanism problems. Shortly after that, more than 200,000 Ford Police Interceptor and Explorer SUVs were named in a door latch recall, and then almost 400,000 Ford Fiesta, Ford Fusion, and Lincoln MKZ vehicles were recalled. Finally, an additional 156,000 Ford autos were recalled in May of 2015 for door latch defects.

Some of Ford’s door latch recalls included the 2005 Ford Five Hundred, 2005 and 2006 Ford Freestyle, 2013 and 2014 Ford Fusion and 1997 to 2000 Lincoln Blackwood.

But Ford isn’t the only major manufacturer to issue door latch failure recalls. Other vehicles recalled for this problem include some made by General Motors or GM.

During the 1990s, 112 persons were killed after they were ejected from a vehicle upon impact due to door latch failure in a collision.

Contact a Door Latch Failure Lawyer

If your family suffered an injury or death due to a defective door latch, you can engage Houston injury attorneys with the Willis Law Firm to handle your case and claim the payments to which you are legally entitled.

These payments can cover your family’s losses for present to future salary of the victim, medical and healthcare expenses for the victim and pain and suffering.

A door latch failure lawsuit or settlement sought by the Willis Law Firm can seek payments for you to cover all of these costs — and it won’t cost you any up-front money. In fact, since auto defect lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, we won’t be paid at all until or unless we win your case, and even we’ll receive only a portion of the settlement sum in your favor.

So contact us today of your door latch failure case. We’re ready to help you, first by giving you a free legal review of your case. Then you can decide how you want to proceed.

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