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Houston swimming pool lawyer David P. Willis has seen too many severe injuries and death caused by pool accidents. When summer arrives, people travel to pools, water parks, lakes, and rivers to escape the heat. Unfortunately, these adventures may become catastrophic because of the carelessness of others.

The US Government estimates that thousands of people die because of drowning or submersion. Even if an individual or child does not die due to the event, the long-term consequences might be severe. People who survive water-related catastrophes suffer from brain damage and will require substantial care for the rest of their lives. Similarly, some people may suffer a lengthy recovery that necessitates costly physical treatment, drugs, or surgery.

Swimming pools and waterparks can become unsafe if owners do not maintain them regularly and adhere to stringent requirements. This is true whether the property is a private home, a water parkhotel, or an apartment building. When the unthinkable happens as a result of this, a swimming pool injury attorney can intervene. We have filed lawsuits that have resulted in millions to our clients and even influenced the change of pool design. 

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Common Types Of Swimming Pool Accidents

Despite the fact that federal swimming pool standards were signed into law in 2007, as well as safe swimming awareness and education efforts by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in the United States, drowning is still a top cause of death among children in the United States.

Unfortunately, drowning is only one of the dangers associated with swimming pools. There are various different ways to injure yourself in a hot tub or swimming pool. Among them are the following:

Diving Board Injuries

Almost every list of swimming safety guidelines will mention that diving into a pool while the water is less than 6 feet deep is dangerous. There should also be readily visible signage indicating whether or not this activity is permitted. Every year, hundreds of individuals require immediate medical treatment after suffering a spinal cord injury or traumatic brain damage in a diving accident.

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Slip-And-Fall Injuries

With all of the activities that take place in and around pools and hot tubs, the surfaces around either a hot tub or pool can get slippery and wet, causing individuals to slip and fall, resulting in injuries ranging from minor bruises and scratches to more serious injuries such as broken bones.

Drowning Injuries

A near-drowning can cause serious, and in some cases irreversible, brain impairments, as well as dramatic, and in some cases permanent, neurological and pulmonary damage.

Circulation Entrapment Injuries

These injuries occur when a swimmer becomes caught by a suction created by the water that rushes out of a hot tub or swimming pool drain. These accidents can result in serious injuries ranging from amputation to disembowelment.

What are the main things that contribute to accidents according to swimming pool accident attorneys? 

There are several ways to suffer an injury around and in swimming pools. Numerous swimming pools do not have the fundamental safety precautions in place to keep swimmers safe. Some of the most prevalent instances of these safety hazards are:

  • Lack of barriers or fences
  • Deep ends that are excessively shallow
  • Faulty ladders
  • Pool deck hazards or loose tiles
  • Missing anti-entrapment devices

While there may be many mishaps in private swimming pools, public pools are not always safe. In many situations, not only do public facilities have the previously described flaws, but there are also inattentive lifeguards, dangerous design, and other careless staff members.

Who can be held liable for swimming pool injury claims? 

According to swimming pool accident lawyers, liability in a swimming pool accident will be determined by when the event occurred and the sort of pool in which you swam. The operators of public swimming pools have a responsibility to ensure that their customers are safe. In addition, the regulations demand that the equipment in and surrounding these facilities be in excellent functioning order when in use.

When individuals swim in a pool on private property, the property owner must notify the swimmers of a safety risk that may not be visible to casual observers. If, for example, another visitor on private property acts recklessly or carelessly, causing harm to another swimmer, the victim may sue this person for the damages associated with the accident.

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What do you need to know about swimming pool accidents and claims? 

An injury from a swimming pool accident can be devastating. It may also need permanent or long-term medical care, which is frequently expensive and may necessitate time away from work. To seek compensation for wage loss and other forms of damage, the victim must make an insurance claim and, in certain situations, a lawsuit.

Unfortunately, insurance claims for swimming pool accidents may be complicated because of the many moving parts. These include whether the swimming pool was public or private, if the owner of the property followed all necessary state, municipal, and federal standards related to “swimming pool safety,” and whether or not carelessness was one of the contributing causes.

These claim types are frequently confusing. The procedure frequently involves elaborate, sophisticated documentation from an insurance company that is not on your side. 

What will the swimming pool accident attorney analyze? 

Our swimming pool accident lawyer will get to work right away to evaluate whether:

  • Fencing was properly built and maintained.
  • Mandatory inspections were conducted.
  • The pool had the required visibility.
  • Safety features and safeguards have been made available.
  • An on-duty lifeguard failed in their responsibilities.
  • There was a defect with pool equipment or safety components.
  • There were faulty ladders
  • Excessively shallow deep ends
  • Lack of anti-entrapment devices
  • Loose tiles or other pool deck hazards
Our swimming pool attorney has extensive experience in swimming pool claims that have led to nationwide changes in pool design. 

What are your results in swimming pool accident cases? 

$4,250,000 Swimming Pool / Waterpark Wave Pool Brain Damage

A thirteen-year-old girl in a church group was spending the day at a Houston, Texas waterpark. She took her inner tube to join her friends in the wave pool. She was swept from her tube and found nearly five minutes later by another guest. She suffered severe anoxic brain damage after she was revived. Personal injury trial lawyer David Willis filed a lawsuit against the wave pool designer, equipment maker, tube manufacturer, and the local wave pool operator. They settled for $4.25 million in a hard-fought lawsuit. A picture of the pool is below.  Expenses $41,356, Attorneys’ Fees $1.47 Million, Net to Clients $2,738,644

swimming pool accident lawyer

Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer

If your loved one or you were injured from an accident in or around a swimming pool, contact a swimming pool accident attorney. David P. Willis is board certified as a personal injury trial law specialist. He has helped clients nationwide who have been victims of drowning or death. We’ve put in a lot of effort to get the best results for our clients, and we’ll do the same for you and your loved ones. Call us at 713-654-4040 or 1-800-883-9858. 

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