Houston Swimming Pool Accidents Lawyer

Houston Swimming Pool Accidents Lawyer

Swimming pools are supposed to be enjoyed, and not something that results in injuries. The highly-focused attorneys that specialize in swimming pool accidents at The Willis Law Firm are here to help you so that you can focus your time and energy on recovering from your ordeal.

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Common Types Of Swimming Pool Accidents

Even though federal regulations associated with swimming pools were signed into the law in the year 2007, along with safe swimming awareness and education campaigns by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in the U.S, drowning is still a leading cause of fatalities in the US among children.

Unluckily, drowning is just one of the risks linked to swimming pools. There are several other ways that you can suffer an injury in a hot tub or swimming pool. Some of these include:

Diving Board Injuries

Just about every list that contains safety tips on swimming will state that it is unsafe to dive into a pool when the water is less than 6 feet deep. There should also be clearly displayed signs on whether this activity is allowed. Hundreds of people land up needing urgent medical attention every year after they have suffered a spinal cord or traumatic brain injury from a diving accident.

A man injured by the swimming pool

Slip-And-Fall Injuries

With all the activities that go on in and around pools and hot tubs, the areas that surround either a hot tub or pool can get slippery and wet, which can cause people to slip and fall which often results in injuries that range from minor bruises and scrapes onto more severe injuries such as broken bones.

Submersion Injuries

A near-drowning can result in significant and in some cases lifelong brain injuries along with dramatic, and in some cases permanent, neurological and pulmonary damage.

Circulation Entrapment Injuries

These injuries occur when the swimmer becomes trapped by a suction that is produced by the water that rushes out of a drain of a hot tub or swimming pool. The injuries that can arise from these incidents can be extremely severe from amputation to disembowelment.

What Are The Primary Factors That Result In Swimming Pool Accidents?

The opportunities to sustain an injury are abundant around and in swimming pools. There are many swimming pools that do not have the basic protection measures in place to ensure swimmers remain safe. Some of the common examples of these safety hazards usually include:

  • Lack of barriers or fences
  • Deep ends that are excessively shallow
  • Faulty ladders
  • Pool deck hazards or loose tiles
  • Missing anti-entrapment devices

While there may be many accidents that happen in residential swimming pools, the public pools are not necessarily safe. In many cases, the public facilities not only possess the defects that were mentioned before, but there are also lifeguards that are inattentive along with other staff members that are negligent.

Who Can Be Held Liable In Swimming Pool Accident Lawsuits?

Liability in an accident involving a swimming pool is going to rely on when your accident occurred and the pool type that you swam in. The operators of public swimming pools have a duty to make sure their patrons are protected from harm. The laws also require that the equipment in and around these facilities are in good working order when in use.

When people are swimming in a pool on private property, the owner of the property needs to inform the swimmers of a safety issue that might not be obvious to casual observers. If for example, another guest on private property is behaving negligently or carelessly which results in causing harm to another swimmer, then the victim is able to sue this person for the damages associated with the injury.

A man with a hurt leg by a swimming pool

What You Need To Know About Swimming Pool Accident Lawsuits And Claims

An injury that arises from the direct result of a swimming pool accident may be extremely traumatic. It can also result in requiring lifelong or long-term medical treatment, which usually costs a fortune and might require a long time away from work. In order to obtain compensation for loss of wages, and these types of injuries, the victim has to file an insurance claim, and in some cases a lawsuit.

Unfortunately, the insurance claims for swimming pool accidents can be complex, as there are several moving parts. A number of factors are also taken into consideration. These include whether the swimming pool was public or private, whether all the applicable state, local, and federal regulations were followed by the owner of the property in association to “swimming pool safety”, and whether or not negligence turned out to be one of the contributing factors.

These claim types are often confusing, while the process often involves intricate and complex documentation and the representatives of an insurance company that is not on your side or doesn’t care about your well-being.

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