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Drug Injury Attorney

Americans depend on prescription and over-the-counter medicines to address a host of conditions and enhance their general quality of life, but drug makers put people’s lives and well-being at risk when they fail to warn them about potential hazards and adverse effects.

A drug lawsuit may assist patients or their families get money for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost earnings, and other damages when a pharmaceutical causes significant adverse effects or death. Our drug recall lawyers represent people who have been hurt by unsafe medications. We routinely file drug cases nationwide against pharmaceutical companies. If you’ve been hurt by a dangerous medicine, you have the legal right to seek compensation to cover any necessary treatments or costs.

Dangerous Drug Lawyer

Bringing a Lawsuit Against a Company for Making Dangerous Drugs

Around 70% of individuals in the United States use at least one prescription medication, with more than half taking two. Too many of these medications have serious side effects. If you were hurt or got sick because of a drug, you may be entitled to money.

Our drug recall lawyers have a lot of expertise with prescription and over-the-counter medication disputes.  We understand the complexities of pharmaceutical litigation from a legal and scientific standpoint. And we work hard to discover improper marketing methods and product development that may have injured you or a loved one.

The following prescription and over-the-counter medicine lawsuits are currently being investigated by our drug recall attorneys. 

Zantac Recall Attorney
Enfamil Lawyer NEC
Baby Formula
Paraquat Injury Lawyer
Dangerous Drug Attorney 1
Nexium Prilosec PPI Recall Attorney
Nexium & Prilosec
Dangerous Drug Attorney 2
Zostavax Attorney Lawyer

Hiring an Attorney for A Drug Recall

Our drug recall attorneys have helped many critically wounded clients nationwide who have been hurt by a defective drug. David P. Willis is board certified as a personal injury trial law specialist. We represent families in lawsuits against drug manufacturers across the United States. For almost 40 years, we’ve put in a lot of effort to get the best results for our clients, and we’ll do the same for you and your loved ones. Call us at 1-800-883-9858 to tell us your story about the dangerous drug. 

Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer

Other Drug Cases 

Our drug recall lawyer has also handled or investigated claims for injuries involving Beovu, Colloidal Silver, Elmiron, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, Talcum Powder, Paraquat, Taxotere, Zinbryta, Zofran, Zantac, Infant Formula, Xeljanz, Olumiant, Rinvoq (JAK Inhibitors), Heartburn Medicine (Nexium, Prilosec, Prevacid, etc), Zostavax, and Valsartan.

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