Board Certified

What is board certification? 

Board Certification is a tangible demonstration of an attorney’s unique knowledge, abilities, and expertise in personal injury trial law. Only board-certified attorneys like David Willis can claim to be specialists under state bar regulations. 

The Texas Board of Legal Specialization only approves the most proficient attorneys. Many are unaware of the distinction between licensure and certification. It is a significant one. A licensed attorney in Texas can operate in all areas of the law. So a licensed attorney who has never handled a personal injury case can claim to be one. Becoming a specialist is voluntary. And it takes a formidable effort. 

How do you choose a personal injury attorney? 

Choosing the right lawyer can make all the difference in your injury lawsuit. But there are a lot of personal injury lawyers with claims of incredible success. When you’ve never needed a lawyer before, it’s hard to identify the attorney who is just good at bragging versus the lawyer who is good at lawyering. Attorneys know the difference. It’s board certification. A board-certified lawyer has proven himself as a legal specialist because it requires substantial experience and testing that is vetted by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Only about 1,300 of the 90,000 Texas lawyers have a specialization in personal injury trial law. David P. Willis is one of these elite specialists. 

Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer

What are the requirements to become board certified?

Most lawyers cannot even get the experience to qualify for the certification exam. An attorney board certified in personal injury trial law must: 

  • Tried at least 10 personal injury trial law cases that met substantive requirements
  • Have at least ten approved references from judges and opposing counsel who have seen the lawyer in action 
  • Pass a day-long examination in the specialty area that is often referred to as more difficult than the bar exam 
  • Dedicate at least 25 percent of the attorney’s practice to personal injury litigation
  • Comprehensive written testing
  • Successful completion of 60 hours of continuing legal education (CLE) curriculum

But the board-certified lawyer isn’t finished after that. Every five years, the lawyer’s certification expires. So the attorney’s personal injury practice is scrutinized by the board to ensure that the specialized criteria are maintained. When you select a Board Certified attorney, you know you’re getting a lawyer who is well-known for being at the top of their game.

Why does an attorney become board certified? 

People who have been hurt by the misconduct of others deserve an attorney who has the tenacity, skill, and experience required by the gauntlet of board certification. David Willis became board-certified because he wanted to bring the best to his clients and maintain those high standards throughout his career. 

Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer

Does it cost more to hire a board certified personal injury trial lawyer? 

No. Like other personal injury trial attorneys, board certified lawyers work on contingency. 

Talk to a board certified lawyer about my personal injury claim

David Willis considers it one of his life’s highest honors to help those hurt by others. He knows that calls deserve a response the same day and that your injury case is one of the most important life events you’ve endured. He aids injury victims across the country from his home base in Houston. Call him at 713-654-4040 or toll-free at 800-883-9858 to tell him your story. 

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