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You expect a medical device to improve your life. It should allow you greater movement, relieve pain, or provide comfort. Medical devices are generally beneficial to patients. A medical device is a technology or instrument that is used to diagnose or treat a patient’s medical problem. They have forever altered the healthcare scene. These technologies have given patients suffering from a variety of ailments additional treatment choices and are intended to save lives. But as a result of harmful medical equipment, many patients have encountered severe, unexpected, and occasionally deadly consequences.

We can aid you in pursuing your rights under the law against the device maker if you are experiencing side effects or injuries, have had unanticipated procedures to address a defective device, or if a loved one has died because of a medical device. Tell us about your situation, and we’ll help you find out what legal choices you and your family have. We are based in Houston, but we handle defective device litigation across America. No matter where you’re located, please call our injury law firm at 713-654-4040 or toll-free at 1-800-883-9858 to tell us your story.

The combination of inadequate regulation and profit-driven device companies puts tens of thousands of people at risk of catastrophic damage from medical devices each year. For the individual who has been injured and their family, these injuries can have life-altering repercussions.

Recalls and Defects in Medical Devices

Our injury law firm has nearly 40 years of experience with medical device litigation. We understand the complexities of it from a scientific and legal standpoint. The Willis Law Firm is continuously discovering product development and marketing activities that may have harmed you or a loved one. Our injury attorneys handle all parts of discovery and trial, medical causation, FDA rules, adequacy of warnings, product identification, accusations of product flaws, and witness and expert coordination.

Medical devices can be anything implanted in the body or used outside. Any form of medical equipment used for medical purposes qualifies. It does not even have to be an electrical device. The following medical device lawsuits are now under review:

Lawsuits About Medical Equipment

Medical equipment became more common to treat injuries and diseases as technology has progressed. But it has also driven the corporate desire for profit. Regulators can’t review every product on the market. Medical devices may be insufficiently tested and regulated and hurried to market by businesses in a desire to earn a profit alone. So thousands of unwary people are harmed each year by unsafe medical products.

Why aren’t doctors and patients warned about the dangers of medical devices?

Businesses assume responsibilities for properly cautioning the public about a recall. Medical device makers often fail to fulfill their responsibility of educating doctors and patients about the risks associated with their products.

What is the reason for these equipment manufacturers to remain unaware of the risk associated with their products? Most of the time, the answer is money. Every cautionary note on a medical device causes a health care provider or patient to reconsider using or prescribing the equipment. So the medical device maker may lose a sale if they adequately warn about the danger of its medical device. 

Manufacturers’ Liability for Faulty Medical Devices

Users of medical devices are protected by the legal system. Companies can be held liable for their products in many cases due to “strict liability.”

Medical device manufacturers are automatically liable for the items they put on the market under strict liability. With a strict liability case, a plaintiff doesn’t need to show that the firm was negligent. Instead, the person must establish that the medical device company put a faulty product on the market and that it caused injury to the individual. 

Proving that a company put a faulty product on the market isn’t always enough to win a medical device lawsuit. It is not always possible to apply strict liability. Many of the cases our medical device lawyers handle include a failure to warn of the product’s potential for injury. These lawsuits need injury attorneys with the means and capabilities to pursue their medical device claim to succeed.

Attorneys for Faulty Medical Device 

The manufacturer of that medical product may be liable to pay you a large sum of money. The medical device attorneys at the Willis Law Firm give free consultations to clients around the country to analyze whether people have grounds to pursue a legal claim for a defective medical device. David Willis is a board-certified personal injury trial lawyer. We earn remarkable results for clients. Call us at 713-654-4040 or toll-free at 1-800-883-9858 to tell us your story. 

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