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Steering Failure Problem Caused Accident

Steering failure in a car or truck can result in significant injuries or death. A steering system that is about to fail may exhibit warning indications. A manufacturing flaw is often to blame for the problem. The parts that follow will go through the many types and reasons for steering failure, as well as how an attorney might evaluate if a driver or a manufacturer was to blame for an accident.

Steering systems are arguably the most important aspect of vehicle control. The power steering pump, hydraulic lines, rack and pinion, and countless other components of the steering system might fail if not correctly designed, produced, and fitted. The steering defect lawyers at the Willis Law Firm have dealt with the harm caused when people are injured from steering failures.

What are the types of steering failure? 

A vehicle will normally offer a warning if the steering is going to fail. There are two kinds of steering loss detection. When there are leaks in the steering column, a whining noise might be heard. In such circumstances, the motorist is at least allowed to consult a technician. In other cases, the leak may be sudden, and the driver may discover that the steering wheel does not move. As a result, the motorist may lose control and cause a rear-end or side-impact collision. The presence of a heavy truck ahead might cause an underride collision, which is frequently fatal. So, how can you make up for steering failure? Because severe braking might cause the car to lose control, it is best to come to a gentle stop. Make sure your vehicle’s flashers are turned on so that others are aware of your presence.

Other Reasons for Steering Failure

Other, more subtle mechanical flaws might suggest steering problems exist. However, it is worthwhile to investigate them. Here are a few examples:

Grinding sounds: If you hear grinding noises, check your steering fluid. It is most likely low. 

Defective steering: In March 2018, Ford recalled 1.4 million vehicles owing to the danger of the steering wheel detaching while driving. Other recalls have occurred throughout the years. 

Loose steering: This issue might be caused by a loose steering rack or a worn rod. As a result of pollution, the steering wheel may wobble when turning. Flushing your system will benefit it.

When the wheel is rotated, a screaming sound is produced: This can be caused by a worn drive belt.

The steering wheel pulls to one side: This might be an indication of steering failure due to wear and strain. This issue might be the result of a fluid leak. If left unchecked, it might result in major head injuries or fractured bones.

Steering slips: Whether caused by a leak, a malfunctioning pump, or worn belts, these might be early warning indications of a larger issue.

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Defective Manufacturing Creates Steering Problems

In certain circumstances, the failure of a steering wheel or steering mechanism is not the driver’s fault. Rather, the steering wheel or mechanism had a design fault or manufacturing issue that directly contributed to the cause of the accident. Victims of vehicle accidents caused by manufacturing problems or design issues may pursue a legal claim under product liability laws with a steering defect attorney.

According to auto defect law, a manufacturer or retailer is liable for any damages or injuries caused by a faulty product placed in the stream of commerce. If the cause of your accident is connected to the steering mechanism, you may have the legal right to bring a claim against the manufacturer. You may hire a steering failure lawyer to help you build a product liability case against a manufacturer for defective steering.

Steering systems are complicated. If hydraulic lines are faulty or inadequately fitted, mounting nuts and brackets come loose or break, or the pump itself is faulty, power steering pumps might fail. A defective power steering pump might cause the vehicle to alternate between resistance and responsiveness to steering. The driver applies additional effort to the steering wheel as the car resists. When the power steering kicks in, the car might turn or swerve unexpectedly, resulting in an auto accident. When a power steering pump breaks completely, turning the wheels becomes extremely difficult or impossible.

Loose steering, or steering play, can cause the car to drift and wander from side to side as you drive down the road, causing the vehicle to fall out of control or drift into oncoming traffic or off the road.

Injuries in Accidents from Steering Problems

Severe injuries are likely in a vehicle collision. It is a good idea to have a steering defect attorney give you legal counsel and answer any of your concerns after being hurt by a steering failure. In rare circumstances, steering failure might be the fault of another driver’s carelessness. Our steering defect lawyer will investigate the cause of the accident.  

A manufacturing flaw might cause your steering wheel to fail. In the case of a collision, a steering defect lawyer can help you determine the reason and hold the parties accountable.

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