Pharmacy Negligence / Product Defect – Lack of a Child Proof Cap - Brain Damage to Child


Willis’ client had her 4 yr. old daughter’s prescription for Theophylline filled at a local pharmacy. Said pharmacy is one of 100’s in this nationwide chain. The 100 pill prescription was filled on a Monday and the pharmacist failed to put the highly toxic theophylline into a new bottle with a child proof cap, instead used the manufacturers pharmacy bottle with an easy off cap , in violation of the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA) or Child Safety Packaging Act. The little girl thinking the medicine resembled candy sprinkles, easily opened the bottle and consumed 12 pills of theophylline a toxic overdose. Resulting in her severe and permanent brain damage. The pharmacy, the pharmacist and the drug maker were all defendants. After 18 months of intense litigation, the case was settled for $22.5 Million.

Railroad Crossing - Speeding Train, No Horn Sounded. 1 Death - 1 Brain Damaged


Car of teenagers going down 2 lane country road when suddenly they were hit by a speeding Southern Pacific Freight Train. The train crew also failed to blow the train’s horn prior to the collision. The 2 back seat passengers were severely injured, one later died and the other left brain damaged. Sothern Pacific failed to install lights and gates and during the middle of trial, another fatal accident happened at the same crossing, just miles from the court house. After 2-3 weeks of trial the court rendered a verdict for $25.5 million for actual damages and punitive damages against the train company and crew. The case was later settled for $15,000,000 during appeals started.

Expenses – $ 37,481 Attorneys fees $5,216,100 Net to Clients $9,746,419

Swimming Pool / Waterpark Wave pool - Near Drowning Anoxic Brain Damage


Willis’ client’s daughter was part of a church group that spent the day at local Houston, Texas waterpark. While there, our clients daughter a 13 yr. old African American took her inner tube and joined her church friends in the wave pool. During the wave action she was swept from her tube and found 4-5 minutes later by another guest. She was later revived, but suffered severe anoxic brain damage.  A lawsuit was filed against wave pool designer, the wave pool equipment maker, tube manufacturer and the local wave pool operator. Case was heavily contested but later settled for $4.25 Million. Expenses were $ 41,356  Fees $1.47 Million and net to Clients $2,738,644

Industrial Accident – Ethylene Oxide Exposure


Willis’ client was working for an electrical contractor assigned to work in a refinery in Beaumont, Texas. While working in the basement of the plant for many months, the worker was exposure to large amounts ethylene oxide causing severe sensory nerve damage and later his death. A wrongful death lawsuit was filed against the plant owner and operator and later settled for $3.52 Million, expenses at $34,372 Fees $1,208,000 Net to Clients $2,277,628

SUV Rollover / Roof Collapse - Death


Young married couple was driving down I-35 outside Temple, Texas when the back left tire suddenly detreaded causing the driver to lose control and SUV rolled on the highway and then onto the shoulder. The driver’s wife who was properly belted, was killed when the roof collapsed during the rollover and crushed her head killing her. A products lawsuit was brought against the SUV and tire maker and later settled for $3,500,000.

Expenses – $28,269 Attorney’s Fees $1,400,000 Net to Client $2,071,731

RV/ Motorhome Fire – 2 deaths


Willis’ clients were a retired couple who were driving their motorhome, when suddenly the right front tire either detreaded or the had a blowout from a road hazard. The result was the tread striking the RV’s propane line located near the wheel well causing a rupture and suddenly engulfing the elderly couple’s home in flames. The location of the intense fire at the front door prevented their escape resulting in their horrible deaths in the fire. A products liability lawsuit was brought against the RV manufacturer and frame builder for negligent design and location of a propane line near the only exit. Further it was alleged that a secondary door should be installed in all models and not just an optional feature to any RV. The lawsuit was settled for $3,000,000 with expenses -$ 36,291 , Attorneys Fees $1,200,000 Net to Surviving Family – $1,763,709

Scaffolding Collapse –Brain Damage


Willis’ client was an independent contractor hired to work as a lighting engineer on foreign film being shot in Downtown Houston, Texas. Client was standing on the 3rd section of scaffolds at approximately 25 ft off the pavement, when the scaffolding started to slide out and fell over due to negligent securing techniques by scaffolding rental company. Client fell and suffered irreversible brain damage and was never able to work again.

Case settled for $2.78 Million $26,358 expenses Attorneys Fees -$1.11 Million Net to Client Approx $1.64 Million

Tire Sealant Explosion – Total Blindness & Partial Amputation of Hand


Willis client a retired Navy engineer was helping his neighbor fix a flat on his mobile home when suddenly the tire exploded blinding him and traumatically severing part of his hand. Client did not know that the neighbor had used a can of puncture sealant to fix the flat tire, nor did the client or others know that the can of tire fix contained butane and propane as the propellant to inflate the tire. The resulting massive explosion was so strong it bent the tire’s rim in half and threw him back almost 8 feet from the tire explosion. Evidence was shown that this company made a no-flammable or non-explosive formula in Canada, but intentionally produced the dangerous formula for the US market. A lawsuit was filed against the canned tire inflator maker and against the big box store that sold the product. Near the end of the case before settlement, the during a deposition of the president of the company, he announced that all of the company’s tire inflation products with the flammable ingredients would be taken off the market and no longer sold.

Case settled $2,200,000 Expenses $29,433 Fees 880,000 Net to Clients $1,290,567

Wrongful Termination - Age Discrimination 26 elderly worker


Willis’ 26 clients had been working for a Texas utility company between 32-42 yrs when suddenly they lost their jobs just months or years before their well-deserved full retirements. Their jobs title were merely changed and they were replaced by younger workers most with no experience. A age discrimination case was filed and later settled out of court for $2,000,000. Expenses were $19,405, Fees 800K, with a Net to all clients $1,198,055

18 Wheeler Accident – Wrongful Death


Willis’ client was involved in a rear-end collision accident that claimed his life. The driver was high on drugs at the time of the accident. A trucking accident lawsuit was filed against the 18 wheeler driver and his employer and later settled for the available limits of $1,000,000. Expenses were $17,325 and fees were $333,333. Net settlement to all clients was $666,666