Waterpark Drowning and Accident

Drowning and Deaths in Water Parks

During the hot summer months, water parks may provide hours of enjoyment for local families and visitors. With so many lifeguards and staff personnel on hand, it’s difficult to fathom any mishaps or fatalities. Each year, many people are injured or killed in pools or on water park attractions. If you or a loved one has died or suffered a brain injury in a water park accident, you must have an experienced drowning attorney on your side. 


Why do drownings happen at water parks?

Though water coasters, tidal pools, and other attractions in water parks may provide some danger, there are instances where accidents may have been averted if attractions had been properly designed, maintained, and inspected. Negligent monitoring of children and adult park visitors may also play a role in drowning or near-drowning occurrences.


Water park owners are required by law to take reasonable precautions to ensure that the grounds are free of risks that might injure parkgoers. Lifeguards on duty at various attractions must keep a close eye on parkgoers, especially children. Water park operators and property management organizations must guarantee regular maintenance to keep rides operational and safe. It will be essential to establish that the park owner’s or another responsible party’s act or failure to act caused the drowning disaster to hold them accountable. 


The wave pool is one of the most typical places for drowning injuries to occur. Amusement park wave pools are frequently overcrowded, making it difficult or impossible for park lifeguards to keep an eye on things. The nature of the amusement park, as well as perceptions about safety, may encourage weak and non-swimmers to take risks they would not otherwise take. Because of the convergence of these elements, the danger of drowning at an amusement park is frequently underestimated. Waterpark drowning lawyer David P. Willis’ litigation efforts have led to nationwide changes in wave pool design. 


How do you establish liability in a water park drowning lawsuit? 

Water parks are classified as public pools and spas and must comply with federal safety regulations. Federal legislation, such as the Virginia Graeme Baker Act, requires pool and spa drains to have suitable anti-entrapment coverings to reduce the incidence of injuries and drowning incidents in public pools. The supervision of swimmers and other safeguards are also part of the regulations. Some water parks may have deteriorated or failed to upgrade their equipment to meet the most recent requirements.


Because the parks would violate federal law, responsibility in these cases can be quite straightforward to establish. Even if a water park had suitable drain covers and employed a large number of lifeguards, carelessness might still play a role in an accident. For example, if the park allowed swimmers to utilize pools where the bottom could not be seen, or if there were inattentive lifeguards on duty, the park or managing corporation might still be held legally liable for the disaster that happened.


No family should have to deal with the medical and emotional consequences of a water park drowning. An experienced drowning lawyer can assist you by analyzing your case, obtaining evidence to demonstrate any culpability, and fighting for compensation for the losses you have suffered. When you deal with our water park accident lawyer, you get the one-on-one attention that only a small law firm can deliver. Drowning attorney David P. Willis and his staff can assist you in understanding your choices and deciding on the best line of action for you and your family.


What are your results in waterpark accident cases? 

$4,250,000 Swimming Pool / Waterpark Wave Pool Brain Damage

A thirteen-year-old girl in a church group was spending the day at a Houston, Texas waterpark. She took her inner tube to join her friends in the wave pool. She was swept from her tube and found nearly five minutes later by another guest. She suffered severe anoxic brain damage after she was revived. Personal injury trial lawyer David Willis filed a lawsuit against the wave pool designer, equipment maker, tube manufacturer, and the local wave pool operator. They settled for $4.25 million in a hard-fought lawsuit. A picture of the pool is below. Expenses $41,356, Attorneys’ Fees $1.47 Million, Net to Clients $2,738,644

swimming pool accident attorney

Water Park Accident Lawyer

If your loved one or you were injured from an accident in or around a water park, contact a waterpark drowning attorney. David P. Willis is board certified as a personal injury trial law specialist. He has helped clients nationwide who have been victims of drowning or death. We’ve put in a lot of effort to get the best results for our clients, and we’ll do the same for you and your loved ones. Call us at 713-654-4040 or 1-800-883-9858. 

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