Cooper Tire And Rubber Recalls

Cooper Tire And Rubber Recalls

Cooper Tire and Rubber Company, along with Goodyear, is one of the last two tire manufacturers based entirely in the United States. Operating from Findlay, Ohio and founded as “Master Tire and Rubber Company” in 1930, the firm adopted the Cooper name in 1946. This multibillion-dollar corporation provides replacement tires for a vast range of vehicles, including passenger cars, trucks, and race cars.

While Cooper takes pains to maximize the quality of its product and has promoted its strict quality control measures, the company’s decades-long history has featured its fair share of tire recalls. Their tires have been responsible for causing serious injuries and even death in the past.

Have you been involved in an auto accident that was caused by defective tires manufactured by Cooper? The attorneys at The Willis Law Firm want to hear about your experiences with tire and auto defects, including tire failures and malfunctioning tire warning lights. Though every case is unique, leading to a range of different outcomes, if you were injured in a Cooper-related accident, you may be entitled to compensation

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A History Of Cooper Tire Recalls

Cooper, like every tire manufacturer, has had to recall various products over its years of operation. To find out if your tires are subject to a recall, check the NHTSA website. It maintains thorough and up-to-date information on past and present investigations and tire recalls

The following Cooper tire recalls are particularly notable:


Cooper was obliged to recall 156,266 tires in 1988 due to bead flaws. The primary product affected was size 23575R15, used mostly on light trucks. The defective tires were manufactured between May 1, 1987, and June 1, 1988. Bead flippers are an essential component of tires which prevent the loss of pressure. The company was forced to give up significant profits due to the cost of replacing these tires.


7,067 Cooper tires (Discoverer M+S Sport line) were recalled for failure to meet performance requirements. Substandard quality created the potential for tire-based car accidents without notice. These tires were fitted to SUVs and crossovers between January 2010 and August 2016; the manufacturer replaced all affected tires free of charge.


Cooper recalled 41,014 tires across 11 different product lines. These tires were unacceptable due to the use of the wrong rubber compound, potentially causing belt separation. The manufacturer estimates that only five percent of all recalled tires were defective, and encouraged drivers to consult with their tire retailers for replacement information.

Have Cooper Tires Caused Accidents?

Nobody who drives or rides in automobiles wants to deal with the injuries, pain, suffering, and financial hardship that can be caused by auto accidents. Accidents arising from driver error are bad enough; those caused by defective parts — like tires — are especially outrageous.

The 1988 recall on tires manufactured by Cooper Tire and Rubber Company was one of the largest in American automotive history. While the company has corrected the bead mistakes involved in that recall, there have been others in the decades since.

Contact the Willis Law Firm if You Were Harmed by Cooper Tires

Customers who installed and maintained Cooper tires according to all the manufacturer’s instructions and still suffered a blowout or tire failure should contact The Willis Law Firm for help, particularly if the accident led to injuries. Verdicts and settlements are going to vary from case to case, perhaps quite drastically. Our legal team is firmly committed to helping customers hold manufacturers like Cooper accountable when their negligence causes an accident.

Call (713) 529-9377 today and speak to our legal team if you or someone you love was injured in a vehicle driving on Cooper-brand tires. Even if the manufacturer’s warranty covers your expenses, you may be able to claim further compensation.

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