What are Some of the Most Dangerous Oil and Gas Accidents in Texas?

Most people understand that the oil and gas industry is dangerous. Most of us get to go to work in a clean and safe environment. You might even be lucky enough to work from home. Even most blue-collar workers don’t have to worry about the scary conditions that oil and gas workers are exposed to. For example, being a roofer is hard work. You do have the risk of falling off a roof or burning yourself. But you rarely have to worry about being burned in an explosion or getting hit in the head with a piece of heavy equipment. For Texas workers in the oil and gas fields, they’re exposed to these sorts of risks every day.

Some people’s response to this may be that they are paid handsomely for this risk. However, if you ask most people, there is no price you can put on safety. If you have to see your spouse off to work every day knowing there’s a chance they may not make it home, it’s no consolation that they’re paid well. You want to believe that their employer does everything they can to provide a safe working environment. But accidents happen. There’s only so much control you can have when dealing with combustible and flammable equipment and materials.

If your loved one is hurt in an oil or gas accident, you’re going to need help. You’ll be making sure your loved one gets the medical care they need. The last thing you’ll want to do is fight with insurance companies or lawyers. This is why you need to contact an experienced trial lawyer in Houston, Texas. They’ll take care of the legal side of things while you focus on taking care of your family.

Workers in the Oil and Gas Industry are at Much Greater Risk of Injury

Every job involves some sort of risk. Even if you’re an office worker, you could still fall or suffer some sort of injury. But for people who work in the oil and gas industry, the risks are much more serious. In fact, according to national statistics, the risk of suffering a fatal injury for most workers is only about 3 people for every 100,000 people. For those who work in the oil and gas industry, this number is about 4-5 times higher. These numbers only include fatal work accidents. If one were to look at the total number of accidents, it may be even higher.

What are Some of the Most Common Oil and Gas Injuries?

While there are all sorts of things that can happen to someone working in the oil and gas industry, some accidents are more common than others. Most involve fire or burns of some sorts. Overall, the following are the most common types of oil and gas accidents:

  • Explosions and Fires – These workers have to deal with all sorts of flammable materials and combustible components. These can catch on fire or explode at any moment. Even if someone is extremely careful, these accidents can still happen. It’s the nature of the industry.
  • Falls – If a worker falls from a rig, they can suffer serious injuries or even die. These injuries could include a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury or back injury.
  • Hit by Equipment – Oil and gas workers deal with a lot of big and heavy equipment. If they are hit by a piece of machinery, they can suffer very serious injuries.
  • Caught or Trapped in Equipment – If clothing or a body part gets caught in pipes or drill strings, they can cause life-threatening injuries.

Contact an Experienced Oil and Gas Accident Lawyer in Houston

If your loved one is injured in any sort of oil or gas accident, contact our office right away. These sorts of accidents cause very serious injuries. Your loved one could be left permanently disabled. They may suffer such extreme injuries that they can’t resume a normal life. You’re going to need to take care of them. They may not even be able to earn a living. If this is the case, you need to have a skilled injury lawyer by your side.

Call today and schedule your free initial consultation. You shouldn’t have to pay to find out if you have a valid claim. Thankfully, our lawyers will sit down with you, free of charge, and answer any questions you may have. They’ll also help identify who may be responsible for your injuries. Call and set up a time that works for you. The consultation is free and you don’t pay a dime until your case is settled.

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