What Kind of Damages Can You Demand in Your Houston Car Accident Lawsuit?

If you’re involved in a car accident, there are a few things you need to do. First, you need to call 911. No matter how minor the crash, you need to report the crash. You also need the police to come out and do an investigation of the accident scene. This way, they can document the details of the accident and prepare their police report. They’ll also check to see if either of the drivers were impaired at the time of the crash. The second thing you need to do is go to the emergency room. You have no idea if you’re injured or not. You may feel fine. However, you won’t have any idea of how serious your injuries are until you see a doctor. Finally, you should call and talk to an experienced car accident lawyer in Houston, Texas.

One of the reasons you need to do these things is to make sure you’re okay. If you’re injured, you need to get medical attention. But your Houston car accident lawyer is also going to need copies of your medical records to prove that you were hurt. If you can’t prove that you’re hurt, you won’t get a dime in court. They’ll also need a copy of the police report in order to prove that the other driver was at fault. Without this report, there is certain information they’ll never be able to get. As long as you follow these three steps, you should have a good chance of recovering damages.

When it comes to damages, there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive a dime. If your Houston accident lawyer can’t prove that you suffered damages, then you’ll get nothing. They also need to prove that your damages were caused by the defendant’s actions. If they can do this, they you may win your case. Or, at a minimum, you’ll have a good shot at negotiating a fair settlement with the insurance company. Here, we’re going to briefly discuss the different types of damage you can demand in your case.

You’ll Be Entitled to Several Types of Damages

Depending on the facts of your case, you may be entitled to several types of damages. In order to collect any damages, your Houston accident lawyer will have to prove that you experienced a loss. In most car accident cases, you may be entitled to any or all of the following types of damages:

  • Medical bills – If you experienced out of pocket medical bills, the defendant should have to reimburse you for these. This includes things like co-pays, ambulance rides and the costs of any medical equipment. And, if your insurance company covered your medical care, they’re going to expect to be reimbursed by the defendant.
  • Lost wages and lost future earnings – If you miss a significant amount of time because of the crash, you’ll be entitled to lost income. This includes any time you’ve already missed. But it also includes any income you’re going to lose in the future. For example, if you can no longer do the same type of work as before the accident, you can demand the difference.
  • Property Damage – If your car is damaged or destroyed in the crash, you should be able to expect to be reimbursed for this loss.
  • Pain and Suffering – These damages are meant to compensate you for any physical or mental anguish you suffer as a result of your injuries.

Contact an Experienced Car Accident Attorney in Houston, Texas

If you or your family member are hurt in a car accident, you may need to hire an attorney. If you’re lucky, the other driver’s insurance company will pay your claim. If this happens, you’ll receive your insurance check within a few weeks. However, if your claim is denied, or if the defendant has no insurance, you’re going to need to file a lawsuit. This can be a lot more complicated than people think. Especially today with the limitations placed upon us by COVID-19, it can be difficult to make sure every aspect of your case is handled properly. An experienced car accident lawyer in Houston will make sure this is done.

Call today and talk to our office so you can schedule your initial consultation. Even if you only suffered minor injuries, you may be entitled to damages. The only way to know for sure is to talk to an expert accident attorney in Houston. The consultation is free and you can do it by telephone or Zoom. And the good news is that you don’t pay a dime until your case is resolved.

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