What are five do’s and don’ts following a car accident in Texas?

What are five do’s and 

don’ts following a car 

accident in Texas?

After an automobile accident in Texas, you should complete the five steps listed below:

  1. Visit a doctor — Whether you have a catastrophic injury or a minor one, it’s critical to see a doctor right away. There are also other injuries that might not show symptoms right away. Getting your medical records can support your car accident claim or personal injury lawsuit in addition to helping you understand the full nature of your injuries and the best course of therapy for recovery.
  2. Speak with law enforcement. Speak with the authorities. A police officer can aid in the accident’s documentation by reporting on the specifics of the incident and gathering data from all individuals involved. If you don’t contact the police, it can come down to your word vs the other driver’s, and you might have to pay the full cost of the collision alone.
  3. Collect information from bystanders and the opposing driver – Share information with all parties present, including the opposing side and any witnesses. Get the following details from the other motorist involved in the collision: name, address, and phone number; vehicle make and model; insurance details; vehicle registration; and driver’s license number. Talk to any witnesses you can, including any passengers or bystanders, and write down their names, addresses, and contact information.
  4. Snap pictures of the accident scene if you can. If you can, you should take images at the accident scene. Take pictures of the exterior and interior damage to each car, any injuries sustained by anybody involved, the skid marks, the road conditions, the street signs, and the overall accident site. Do not hesitate to fill up the storage on your camera or phone. You can win your case if you have photographic evidence, therefore do so.
  5. Inform your insurance provider about the collision – You must tell your insurance carrier as soon as possible after an accident. Make sure, though, that you stick to just the essential information. The insurance adjuster will have more opportunities to distort the truth and minimize or deny your claim if you submit more information. It is advisable to speak with your Texas auto accident lawyer before saying anything.

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Five things you shouldn’t do following a car accident in Texas

After a vehicle accident, you should not perform the five things listed below:

  1. Don’t apologize – Saying sorry to someone after causing them a slight or significant discomfort is natural for people. However, it’s crucial to refrain from apologizing after an accident since it may be taken as an admission of guilt. Additionally, avoid saying that you “feel good” or “okay” following a collision because not all damage symptoms manifest immediately.
  2. Refrain from letting the other car leave the scene. Not everyone is trustworthy, especially when doing so might get them into legal problems. Even if the other driver provides you their name, address, and insurance details, advise them to wait until the police show up. Additionally, avoid moving a car after an accident since it’s crucial for authorities to be able to view the precise place of impact to record this information.
  3. Avoid putting yourself at risk by avoiding staying in a flaming car or a vehicle that is likely to be struck again. Get out of the hazardous location to prevent future injuries.
  4. Refuse to agree to a recorded statement – Before agreeing to provide an insurance company with a recorded statement, it is advisable to speak with a knowledgeable Austin auto accident lawyer. Before you provide a recorded statement, a lawyer can analyze your insurance coverage to assist protect your interests.
  5. Refuse to accept the initial settlement; you won’t be able to demand extra money later if you do. It makes no difference if you have more medical expenses, lost income, or suffering. Once you accept the settlement, your case cannot be reopened. Working with The Willis Law Firm, we’ll assist you in ensuring that your settlement fairly represents the assistance you require to get back on your feet.

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