Unsafe Hotels and Dangerous Motels

Unsafe Hotels and Dangerous Motels

When you travel, your hotel room becomes your new residence. You have the right to expect to be protected from criminals.


Crooks might injure hotel visitors if the owner fails to take precautions to keep the facility secure. All too frequently, parking decks, corridors, and other common spaces are dimly lighted, luring in a thief who thrives in the dark. There are frequently no security guards — or the guards are inadequately trained. Security cameras are not monitored, and outside locks and gates are insufficient to keep attackers out.


We assist victims of crime in holding hotel and motel operators accountable for poor protection for their visitors. We have helped many victims to obtain some of the highest judgments and settlements in the country. If you or a loved one was attacked in a hotel, you need to evaluate whether you have a negligent security claim. 


Assault, robbery, and other crimes can leave victims with severe physical and mental traumas that can last a lifetime. While we seek justice via the criminal justice system, we must also seek financial justice through the civil court system. If you were hurt as a result of another person’s unlawful actions, you may be entitled to compensation from that individual as well as those persons who contributed to the unsafe environment.


Most hotel rapes are preventable if the owners will step up to the plate and spend the money it takes to provide a safe place for their tenants and guests. Some of the most common acts of negligence in hotel and motel rapes can be blamed on:

  • Lack of security gates
  • Lack of adequate lighting in motels, and hotels
  • Missing or malfunctioning window locks
  • Not re-keying deadbolt locks for new tenants
  • Negligent hiring or monitoring of sub-contractors with possible criminal records
  • Master keys lost or not accounted for
  • Failure to notify tenants (new and old) of ongoing criminal activity
  • Failure to secure hotel and motel parking lots and garages from non guests
  • Negligent hiring or screening of employees with room key access
  • Not changing to digital card key locks for motel and hotel rooms
  • Failure to install digital car keys for exterior door access
  • Negligent building design that allows easy access for criminals
  • Failure to keep automatic security gates in working order
  • Failure to erect security fences tall enough to prevent access over the fence
  • Failure to erect security fences low enough to prevent access under the fence
  • Failure by hotels and motels in not having 24/7 onsite security

If you or a loved one was raped, or sexually assaulted, in an hotel or motel, please contact our law firm to discuss your legal options immediately.

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