The Dangers Of Seatback Collapses

There have been many road accidents of late. The sad fact is that most people die in these fatal accidents.  Manufacturers do their best when making the vehicles, but sometimes, there might be failures in the design. In the case of seatbacks, one common problem is poor installation. As much as the manufacturers may have done their best, the people responsible for the installation may not be well trained, and this may lead to poor installation of seatbacks. In case an accident occurs, the seatbacks may collapse, leading to injuries and deaths, among other problems. Also, the automakers may have used weak material when designing the seat frames, which may be prone to deformity in case of an accident. We noted that some automakers defend the seatback collapse by insisting that a collapsing seatback could help passengers to ride down a collision. However, this is subject to debate. Note that vehicle seats do play an essential role in promoting the safety of both the passengers and the driver. Seatback failure, on the other hand, is a huge problem and poses a lot of risk to the passengers. Below are some of the dangers of seat back collapse.

What Causes Seat Belt Collapse?

Several investigations have been done which point to the fact that there has been little action by the governments and the auto industry when it comes to seatback collapse. Seatback collapse usually happens when a vehicle collapses resulting in the front seat falling backward. First, if an accident occurs and the seat happens to be malfunctioned, what happens is that the front seat collapses with a lot of force. To make matters worse, the amount of force the seat collapses with is not mild, considering the amount of impact the car had as a result of the collision. Passengers who are usually seated at the front during an accident face the risk of being injured, and this could include endless injuries ranging from head injuries to spinal cord injuries.

Broken Bones

When imagining this situation, let us also acknowledge that there might be other passengers seated at the back seats. If there are passengers on the back seat and the collision happens, the passengers at the back also face the risk of getting injuries. I have to admit that some passengers are not as able as others. If, for example, the passengers at the back of the front seats are children, this would mean those helpless children will have to suffer as a result of the accident. If the auto industry cannot help us to address this issue, we remain worried about the safety of our children using public means of transport. Imagine how much damage a seat back collapse could do to a three-year-old kid. There is a high probability that the kid may get trapped and even get lifetime injuries. Children’s bones are not fully developed and strong, and hence the chances of children suffering from broken bones as a result of a seat back collapse are very high.


There have been various issues in the automobile industry resulting in some of the manufacturers recalling their products due to faulty seatbacks. Apart from minor problems such as broken bones and brain injuries, we realize that there have been a few cases of passengers dying as a result of seatback failure. This is so unfortunate considering how much value one’s life has. A passenger can actually get a wrongful death just because someone did not do their job well. This could be an error on the side of the manufacturer or the person assembling the back seats. Nothing is worth taking a person’s life, and this is why law firms are at the forefront when it comes to demanding safe seating systems in vehicles. The majority of the victims of seatback failures are children who are vulnerable. This is why we are doing everything we can to ensure that the seatback standards are high. Measures are being taken to ensure that manufacturers adhere to the set rules, with regards to seatback failures. For example, manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz are intentionally going out of their way just to ensure high quality and strengthened car seats, beyond the requirement set out by transport authorities.

These measures being taken are fundamental in ensuring that we secure the future of many lives in the future. It doesn’t help to experience rising numbers of injuries as a result of the seatback collapses. It is possible to have these issues addressed, especially matters of weak seats and poor installations. We, at Willis Law firm, value human life so much, a reason we go out of our way to protect the rights of injured victims. It doesn’t matter whether a victim is a child or adult, financially stable or not. If there is anyone with bad experience relating to seat back collapse and doesn’t know what to do, feel free to contact us. Anyone who has suffered as a result of seatback failure requires compensation. We are here to serve anyone in need of our services.

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