Abused by Health Care Provider

Abused by Health-Care Providers

A crime victim attorney can assist you in identifying potential claims if you or a loved one has been mistreated by a health care practitioner or at a health care institution.

Abuse in a Behavioral Health Facility

Children, adolescents, and adults with emotional and behavioral issues are treated at behavioral health centers. These facilities frequently provide inpatient care and are accountable for the safety of the individuals they serve. Unfortunately, abuse in mental health facilities occurs more frequently than most people believe. Instead of being safeguarded, vulnerable patients are permitted to suffer at the hands of wicked professionals and unsupervised patients. This should never occur. However, it is all too usual for selfish corporations to cut expenses by hiring incompetent employees, neglecting to supply adequate personnel, failing to properly educate and oversee employees, and disregarding rules and regulations meant to prevent exploitation.

Sexual Abuse by a Health Care Provider

Sexual assault by health care personnel is finally receiving the attention it deserves. You rely on your health care provider for guidance and treatment when you and your loved ones are in need. Sexual assault is and should be the last thing you expect to encounter at their workplace. Nonetheless, there is a long history of doctors abusing their patients’ confidence and sexually preying on them in the health care business. While these occurrences have historically been pushed under the floor and disregarded by the medical establishment, the general people are becoming increasingly aware of the issue. Furthermore, the civil legal system can be utilized to make health care personnel and the facilities where they abuse to pay for the harm caused by their actions. 

Abuse by Health-Care Providers

Sexual assault by a health care practitioner can occur during a normal checkup, during an evaluation for a specific concern, or even postoperatively when the victim is most vulnerable after being sedated or anesthetized.

In addition to hospitals, health care professional abuse can occur at the dentist, dermatologist, physical therapist, massage therapist, or any other location where you get health care. Doctors, dentists, nurses, physician’s assistants, dental assistants, therapists, and anybody else with access to vulnerable patients can commit it.

If you believe you have been a victim of sexual assault by a health care practitioner, you should take the following steps:

  • Go to a secure location.
  • Showering or bathing should be avoided.
  • Try not to change your clothing.
  • You should not clean your teeth.
  • Report the physical attack to your local police agency.
  • Seek medical attention right away.
  • Contact the state medical or other licensing body, since these organizations have the authority to initiate disciplinary action.
  • Contact groups that help survivors of institutionalized sexual abuse or rape.

Contact the hospital or clinic to inquire about any reports of misbehavior.

Our crime victim lawyer can assist you in obtaining the money you deserve to aid in your rehabilitation and reclaim your life.

Assault, robbery, and other crimes can leave victims with severe mental and physical traumas that can last forever. While we seek justice via the criminal justice system, we must also seek financial justice through the civil court system. If you were hurt as a result of another person’s unlawful actions, you may be entitled to compensation from that individual as well as those persons who contributed to the unsafe environment.

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