Jeep Rollover Attorney

Jeep Rollover Attorney

Jeeps are prone to rollover because of their high center of gravity. Rollovers were responsible for 35% of all automobile accident fatalities in 2010, according to Understanding some of the most prevalent causes of a rollover accident can help all drivers.


Rollovers are more likely in specific types of vehicles, particularly Jeeps. These vehicles are more prone to roll, resulting in an SUV or truck rollover disaster.


Some of the most prevalent causes of rollover car accidents are as follows:


Losing Control of the Jeep

A person may lose control of their vehicle for a variety of causes, including:

  • Distractions caused by changes in or severe weather, such as the radio, 
  • Texting while driving, or other mobile phone use
  • Driver fatigue/drowsiness behind the wheel

When a motorist collides with an impediment or item on the road, the car’s center of gravity shifts, resulting in a rollover. After colliding with an object, a Jeep may roll onto its side or top. 


High Speed

Speed is a risk factor in all types of vehicle accidents, but it plays a significant impact in Jeep rollovers. When a person is fast and needs to swerve to avoid striking anything, they are more likely to roll over, especially if they use their brakes.


Driving Styles That Are Aggressive

Dangerous moves might cause your pickup truck or SUV to roll. Swerving or braking at high speeds and failing to slow for corners might cause the car to roll. When a driver drives the vehicle too quickly, friction between the tires and the road occurs, which can cause the vehicle to flip.


Tire Defects

Rollover accidents are frequently caused by tire blowouts. This is most prevalent with pickup vehicles, commercial trucks, and tractor-trailer trucks, but it may also happen with automobiles and SUVs. A blowout can cause a vehicle collision owing to a manufacturing error or inadequate tire care on the part of the car owner.


Overloading a car or SUV, overinflating the tires, or failing to acquire sufficient repairs for their tire can all contribute to tire breakdown and a rollover disaster in an SUV or truck.


Multi-Vehicle Car Collisions

The majority of rollover incidents involve a single car. However, if a vehicle is hit by another passenger vehicle, the power of the impact may cause the vehicle to flip over.


Hitting the Guardrail

When driving on the highway or freeway, a vehicle may collide with a railing as a result of swerving or being struck in the back by another vehicle. Because of the power of the collision, the automobile may roll over the railing and into oncoming traffic or off the road.


Jeep Rollover Attorney 

Our rollover lawyer has helped many critically wounded clients nationwide recover money for death and catastrophic injuries caused by SUV and truck rollovers, including Jeeps. David P. Willis is board certified as a personal injury trial law specialist. We’ve put in a lot of effort to get the best results for our clients, and we’ll do the same for you and your loved ones. Call us at 713-654-4040 or 1-800-883-9858. 

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