Construction Third Party Claim

Third Party Accidents in Construction Cases

A third party claim arises when an employee is injured while on the job but due in whole or in part to the negligent conduct, act or omission by a third party. The injured employee can in most states continue to draw workers compensation and still file a third party claim or third party lawsuit against the responsible third party in a State or Federal Court of Law. In many third party claims, a claim or lawsuit may be against a negligent third party contractor or subcontractor, general contractor, product manufacturer, a product liability case or lawsuit, defective / dangerous scaffolding owner or operator, product designer, drilling company, product re-builder, prior owner of defective product, toxic chemical makers (benzene, asbestos & silica), repair shop, a trucking company, rental company, maintenance company, tool rental company, truck driver, land or property owner, landlord, automotive, car or truck maker, defective tool manufacturer, outside contractor, utility company or seatbelt or airbag manufacturer.

Third Party Claim & Lawsuit Questions of Law

In many cases, the injured worker or their family does not know that they may have a legal right to file a third party claim against a 3rd party defendant. Often such third party claims are overlooked and not properly investigated and the evidence and scene have not been properly and aggressively documented and preserved as evidence. In most states, an injured person must file a third party lawsuit or claim against the negligent or responsible third party before the expiration of the statute of limitations. Many times the injured worker has to seek a separate lawyer to handle the third party claim, due to the workers compensation attorney’s decision to decline representation of such matter whether due to the expense or the third party claim is outside their expertise, especially if it deals with product liability claims, maritime / admiralty or medical malpractice. The filing deadline on a third party claim may be as short as ONE YEAR in some states.

Third Party Claim Lawyer  Attorney

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured at a work site, plant, factory, construction site or any other industrial setting and you believe that your injuries were caused in whole or part by another corporation, contractor, or entity, then call and talk to Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer with 30+ years of Experience. Call Toll Free now for a free confidential consultation at 1-800-883-9858. Nationwide Assistance is Available.

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