Tactical Flight Officer Killed in Houston Helicopter Crash

Tactical Flight Officer Killed in Houston Helicopter Crash

The city is mourning the loss of a tactical flight officer this week after a Houston helicopter crash. Officer Jason Knox was in a helicopter, along with the pilot, Officer Chase Cormier. The pair was responding to the report of a drowning in the bayou nearby. They were charged with finding the body after the drowning had been reported to police.

It was about 2:30 am on Saturday, May 2, 2020. Once in the air, the helicopter experienced some sort of mechanical failure and crashed into a nearby apartment complex leasing office. Other reports state that the helicopter actually crashed into the apartment complex’ clubhouse.

Both officers were rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital. Sadly, officer Knox, who has just joined the department in January of 2019, was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the hospital.

Fellow pilot Cormier was taken to the hospital as well and had to undergo emergency surgery. He is still hospitalized and is listed as in critical condition. Doctors do expect him to make a recovery.

The helicopter crashed in the 17000 block of Imperial Valley. The department is looking to see what sort of mechanical failure caused the crash. They have also grounded any helicopter flights pending the outcome of the investigation.

Officer Jason Knox had been a member of the force since 2012. He had applied and was accepted to the Air and Marine Division last January. He leaves behind a wife and family.

There is currently a federal investigation into the crash. Authorities did confirm that both officers were still in the helicopter when the rescue crews arrived. Both officers were alive when they were transported to the local hospital.

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Source: https://foxsanantonio.com/news/local/police-officer-killed-in-houston-helicopter-crash-2nd-officer-critically-injured

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