Recent Graduate Killed in Justin, Texas Accident

Recent Graduate Killed in Justin, Texas Accident

Nobody ever wants to learn that someone was injured or killed in a car accident. This is especially true when the victim is a young person. Sadly, this is exactly what happened this past week in Justin, Texas.

The police were called to an accident scene not far from Northwest High School in Justin Texas. In fact, this year’s high school graduation was just about to start when the crash happened.

Witnesses saw a red truck try to pass another vehicle on Texas 114 near Farm to Market Road 156. The crash happened where the two-lane road turns into a three-lane road. When he tried to pass the car, he ended up crashing into a grey vehicle.

The young man driving the grey car was seriously injured in the crash and didn’t survive the accident. He was pronounced dead at the accident scene. The report did not indicate if the man driving the red truck was injured or not. It also didn’t state if anyone else was in the grey vehicle at the time of the crash.

Shortly after the crash was reported, the police did confirm the identity of the man killed in the accident. It was 19-year old Evan James Kriese from Roanoke. Ironically, Kriese had graduated from Northwest High School last June. He may have been planning to attend this year’s graduation. However, that has not been confirmed.

The investigation is ongoing. There is no indication that impairment played a role in the accident. However, the family of the victim may have a possible legal claim against the driver of the red truck. It will depend on what the investigation reveals.

If you’re hurt in any sort of motor vehicle accident in Texas, call our office right away.


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