Prominent Houston Attorney Injured in Freak Cycling Accident

Prominent Houston Attorney Injured in Freak Cycling Accident

With the weather getting nicer, people are trying to get out amidst the COVID-19 virus. This was the case for 79-year old Houston attorney Stephen Susman. Susman, who is an avid cyclist, was out for a bike ride the morning of April 22, 2020 when tragedy struck in the form of a freak cycling accident.

He was cycling in the Old Braeswood section of Houston when his bike tire hit a crack in the road. The wheel locked up for some reason and Susman was thrown from his bike. He ended up landing on the side of the road and slamming his head onto the asphalt.

Susman was wearing his helmet. However, the impact was so severe that he was seriously injured. He was rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital at Texas Medical Center. Unfortunately, he is still listed as unconscious more than a week later.

Stephen Susman is co-founded of the law firm, Susman Godfrey. Despite his age, he is still actively practicing. He is also said to be in the pinnacle of health because he has always been a cyclist. He has been the number one fundraiser in various cycling charity events.

There is no indication as to why the wheel on Susman’s bicycle locked up. All it did was hit a normal crack in the sidewalk which has happened to most bike riders all the time. His partner said that, while Susman is still unconscious, they pray he is strong enough to pull out of this. Sadly, because of the COVID-19 virus, the victim’s family is not allowed to visit with him or be near him at this time.

His family and law partner pray for a miraculous recovery.

If you or your loved one are injured in a cycling accident near Houston, contact our office right away.


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